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The Gullah way of life

The Sandy Island community was founded by a free slave who worked on the local rice plantations. Many of these residents to include myself are direct decedents and because the residents live so isolated from the influence of modern culture, the Gullah way of life here is preserved.

Big plans for Tours de Sandy Island

We have big plans in-the-works for Tours de Sandy Island (TDSI) customers. Our goal is to┬ámake your experience much more memorable… starting with the purchase of the old Prince Washington school boat. Not only have we saved a cherished, memorable boat, we are now able to accommodate larger groups, family reunions, field trips and more.

We are pleased to announce that TDSI now accepts credit cards. Please stay tuned, there will be more to come as we continue to grow.

TDSI would like to thank all of you… our customers and our followers, for your likes, support, a continuous encouragement and because of all that love and support, we’ve been successful in our ability to grow and share our way of life.

Capt. Rommy

Next Step…

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