Tours de Sandy Island

Kayaking with Tours de Sandy Island

Video by Snail House Media

Do you ever wonder what it's like to go on one of our tours? Well, we put a little something together to give you a sneak peek. This video is from one of our Kayaking trips. Enjoy!

As always, we had an awesome time!

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1 thought on “Tours de Sandy Island”

  1. Absolutely wonderful tour this morning with Rommey, a very knowledgeable and personable guide to the island his family has called home for generations.
    Thank you, Rommey, for sharing your slice of history and life. I now have a greater understanding of the history and culture of South Carolina.
    If people are looking for an opportunity to understand low country culture this is the right tour for you. Highly recommended!
    Marty Richardson, Silverthorne, Colorado

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