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Tours de Sandy Island

Captain Rommy Pyatt Bio

Capt. Rommy Pyatt, Tours de Sandy Island Rommy L. Pyatt was born and raised in Sandy Island, South Carolina. As a native, Pyatt grew up enjoying the uniqueness that comes with living the remote Island - beautiful whites sands, surrounded…


Prince Washington Tour Boat

Introducing the newest edition to Tours de Sandy Island, The Prince Washington. A 1968 Detroit Diesel 554 single screw vessel with a capacity of 32 passengers & 2 crew. Safetly Equip: Type 1  life preservers, life ring, man overboard beacon,…

Rommy Pyatt tour guide

Tours de Sandy Island

[embed][/embed] Kayaking with Tours de Sandy Island Video by Snail House Media Do you ever wonder what it's like to go on one of our tours? Well, we put a little something together to give you a sneak peek. This video…